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primum nomen

Ever wonder what name we would pick for ourselves if our parents had waited to ask us? What would you have picked? Why would you have picked it? I wonder what parents would call their children while they waited til the child was old enough to decide and how many children would end up called Dora, or Barney? 

When picking the name of my table quiz team I panic, I don't want to be in charge of making such a final decision and then watching them write it up on the board and knowing, that name is my fault, responsibility, choice. Even then the panic is strong and the nerves sit in. Although no one really cares and they are all probably sitting their panicking quietly too, waiting for society to scream at us.. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! It never comes, thankfully. Yet, ever table quiz, sports team, fifa/ playstation /X Box game  that I miraculously end up  playing I feel the stress of naming it, overwhelming. 

So, the reason I have chosen this odd subject to write about is, how do we decide on our childrens' names? I have already renamed this blog 4 times. How do I know the one I like the most? Does the blog look like this name? Does it suit it? Does it suit the context? How do I know the context of a baby? Should I have typed something into our heavenly google to aid me? Or do I go with a gut instinct? 

Is there a time in your life that you loved? Or a place? Even having somewhere or something like this, is calling you baby girl Pampalona okay? Or calling your little boy Abs because you once loved 5ive really the best choice? 

If this is the case and this is the method of eliminating names in the race for my childs' primum nomen. Then my poor child is going to be called after my favourite dessert-Spotted Dick. 

Family huh

 Where do we begin when we think of family? Mine is a rather normal one. We eat and sleep and work and when I was small my parents indulged my games and tucked me in at night. They told me to sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. 

But Families become strange things. Its an odd habitat that we are forced to grow up in. Its a jungle for the smaller ones who can easily be eaten, or often in my rather large family, can be forgotten. However, its meant to get easier as we get older, at least that is the ideal notion, the abstract concept, it is, in reality, what we all hope is going to happen. What happens is something somewhat different.

Now, people say odd things that get you thinking such as, "you take after your mum" "you have your grandaddys nose!" "you like your father when he was a wee one".. What people don't say is that you absentmindedly happen to take on their weird patterns and somehow want to believe that it is hereditary.

Take tonight. I'm sitting here not doing an assignment, trying hard not to focus on the fact that that guy I like still has not facebooked me. My little brother is just in, and for once Dad doesn't have anything to say about it, this could be down to the fact that hes already in bed and fast asleep. My tiniest little brother, who I am so very protective of is fast asleep after playing his little heart out at some tournament and my poor ever worrying mum has just sat down "to do some work"... I dont know about all of you, but its after 1 in the morning and my family is most definitely an odd one. So Im blaming genes and chromosomes for my inability to get my work done on time and the knowledge that since I am so ridiculously lazy, Il force myself to stay up all night to get an assignment done-then blame my family for it. But not before I blog about it.. 

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